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The main problem

The main source of natural gas produced by PAO Gazprom is in the wells of the Cenomanian deposits of giant gas fields, such as Medvezhye, Vyngapurovskoye, Urengoiskoye, Yamburgskoye, currently in the "declining production" stage.
Operation of wells in such fields is complicated by a number of factors: low formation pressure, lifting of the gas-water contact and well drowning, destruction of the formation matrix, sand production. This makes production problematic or impossible.


In 2012, Gazprom's gas and gas condensate production department set the task of creating a complex to intensify the production in the watered wells.
Vympel has accomplished this task. For the first time, a Russian complex was created for the gas wells of the Far North, operating using the Concentric Lift  technology. The complex was tested at the Yamburg and Urengoy fields in 2012-2014. The complex was deployed and the production string was lowered without killing the well.
The complex produced by Vympel automatically removes the accumulated liquid and meters the supply of the hydrate inhibitor in the annulus and the well pipeline. The complex provides periodic redistribution of the flows in the annular space and the central production string to remove the accumulated liquid. The complex operates under the conditions of changing operating modes of the gas wells.
In 2015, Vympel was awarded the prize of PAO Gazprom for the innovative solution and successful implementation of this project.