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General Information

Reddot Design Award is a reputable design award dedicating one of its nominations to industrial design. It was this category that the Hygrovision-mini dew-point meter was selected for.
Hygrovision-mini is a portable ew point hygrometer with electronic cooling of the condensate mirror for manual measurements of dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature.
The hygrometer is used in the gas, oil, chemical, power and metallurgic industries, environment protection and metrology.

Signature feature

The feature of Hygrovision-mini is that it does no need coolants thanks to electronic control and maintains the necessary temperature on the surface of the cooling mirror for a long time.
The autonomous power from the built-in battery ensures continuous operation of the device for twelve hours.
Conclusion of the jury: "Due to its compact size, the dew point analyzer is ideal for mobile use at any facility"